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About Eswatini Mobile Ltd

Eswatini Mobile Limited (formerly known as Swazi Mobile Limited) was incorporated in the Kingdom of Eswatini on the 13th May 2016.

The registered office of the company is on Madlenya House, 1st floor, Corner Gwamile & Mdada Street, Mbabane, Eswatini. Eswatini Mobile Limited was setup as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to apply for a license to build and operate a mobile telecommunication network in the Kingdom of Eswatini. In October 2016, Eswatini Communication Commission (ESCCOM) called on all interested companies to bid for the Third Telecommunications Operators License. bids were submitted, evaluated and the final decision selecting Eswatini Mobile Limited as the winner was announced on the 29th of December 2016.

The Licenses to be the Third Telecommunications Operators in the Kingdom of Eswatini was awarded to Eswatini Mobile Limited formerly known as Swazi Mobile Limited on the 17th February 2017.